The Red Deer and Museum Art Gallery wanted a functional interactive focal point for the front of their building. As Red Deer is in rural Alberta, an agrarian theme was chosen. Grain elevators are a familiar sight as both old (wood construction) and new architectural styles dot the country landscape today. A row of brightly coloured grain elevators in the style of previous eras are situated along a railroad track in various stages of decay: some are fully clad and coffin-like, others partially clad or their skeletal frames are exposed. Their decayed state alludes to the disappearance of these prairie icons. Coincidentally a railroad track once meandered through this site where the gallery now sits.

Size: 15 feet long x 8 feet high

Materials: Steel, enamel paint, no maintenance PVC. 

Location: Located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Commissioned by the City of Red Deer