Earth and urbanism are united in this project. The Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Garden wanted a sculpture to celebrate the 25 the anniversary of their community garden. A place where young and old have come together to share a common passion, build lasting friendships and conversation. They envisioned a piece that was a focal point in the garden, and celebrates the community and their love of gardening. I envisioned a series of shovels to form the shape of the earth: as the earth is what gardeners till, it is what connects us together, not only in the community but around the world. Each shovel symbolizes a member of the community and are unified by the earth globe shape, the soil of which they till. Different sized shovels emanate from the center, pointing outwards. It can be likened to an exploding star: a community exploding with energy and vitality.

Size: 40 inches diameter

Materials: Shovels, steel, polyurethane coating

Location: Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Garden

Commissioned by the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Garden.